Private Sessions

There are many ways people can communicate with spirit. These encompass abilities like clairvoyance: the ability to see beyond, clairsentient: the ability to feel beyond, and clairaudient: the ability to hear beyond average capabilities. All humans have the potential to communicate with their guides. The key is as long as you believe communication is possible you will be able to achieve it. “What you choose to believe in is your own truth.”

My abilities have come through clairaudience and clairvoyance. I also have the capacity to channel spirit. I hear the voice of spirits externally; same as I would listen to someone speak to me on the phone. Sometimes I will hear it internally in my mind, which is a form of telepathic communication. I see spirits and energy fields the same as I see any living being present in front of me.  Occasionally spirits will provide still or moving images, similar to looking at photographs or viewing a film. The only difference is it takes place within my mind’s eye.

I can “turn on” my clairvoyant sight at will. Doing this is similar to adjusting my eyes to see the Magic Eye images, a computerized 3-D optical illusion art piece. To see the hidden image one must look just slightly in front of the obvious figure and “unfocus” their eyes. Doing this will reveal a three dimensional picture. In the same way, when I want to see a person’s energy field I gaze above their shoulder or head, “unfocus” my eyes and the energy shines out.

When I give a reading I always open by giving thanks. This is how I express my intent of goodness, honesty and gratitude for my abilities. When working with spirits it is important to know with whom you are speaking. It isn’t a good idea to pick up the phone, dial a random number and begin to take advice from whoever responds, so I mention the sitter’s (person receiving the reading) name and ask for their guides, angel(s), friends, and relatives to come and speak to me.

An aura is the energetic field that surrounds inanimate and animate objects. (Everything has an energy field.) During an in person session, as opposed to a phone reading, I start by drawing the sitter’s aura.

In humans the colors of the aura directly relate to their chakras located along the spine. There are seven major chakras, which are energetic vortices that harness and move energy through out the body. Their size is about the diameter of a golf ball and they are positioned in precise locations between the base of the spine and the top of the head. Aura readings are based upon what I see within an individual’s energy field. Doing aura readings is my gig; Spirits do not play a part in this activity.  I sketch an outline using chalk. My renditions look like a bowling pin figure with a rough duplication of the aura colors. It is difficult to match up the exact colors since what I see is much more vibrant than what I can produce with chalks. After I complete the sketch I translate the meaning of the colors and how each relates to the sitter, physically, mentally and emotionally (usually adding a bit of humor to relax the sitter if they are nervous. The more comfortable, open and relaxed the sitter becomes, the clearer and easier the connection will be.)

As I mentioned previously, the guides who appear for the sessions are as visually real to me as any three-dimensional being. The spirits choose how well defined their own appearance is by lowering their vibration making themselves more dense.  When I see their “body” standing or sitting in front of me, their image is transparent enough that I can see the furniture or art behind them; yet, dense enough to allow me to see clothing, tattoos, jewelry, and even birth marks. Commonly the spirits appear the way the client lasts remembers them or the way they were when they passed.  But here and there, a spirit will show up looking the age they felt best when they were living.

Jamie Butler's Private OfficeHere I basically become a secretary/translator for the sitter, writing word for word: the sitter’s questions and the spirit’s responses on paper. I also document the spirit’s actions and emotions.

A reading averages one hour (up to two persons) in length either in person or over the phone.

Thirty minute phone appointments are available for repeat clients of Jamie only. Half sessions are great for quick questions, direct topics and touch-ups. There are no energy field (aura) drawings for the 30 minute reading. The thirty minute sessions are for one person only. 

Two hour sessions (double session) are available for anyone. Double sessions are more relaxed and allow more time to communicate to your guides and loved ones. There is a $75 fee per additional person attending the session for a maximum of three people.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment please click on the Appointments page.

I consider myself fortunate to assist people through my readings and classes. For a list of classes and definitions (for Youth and Adult) and dates visit the Calendar. I enjoy helping others to grow spiritually and intuitively.

I am grateful for your presence and thank you for joining me today.

“Knowledge is your only limit.”

With love and light,  Jamie

Appointment Terms:

  • All times are in Eastern Standard Time Zone.
  • Phone sessions are to be initiated by the client by calling Jamie at 404-815-4871.
  • The next available appointment coinciding with one of your two choices will be confirmed via email.
  • Appointment confirmation can take up to 72 hours.
  • A $150 deposit is required to confirm your appointment.
  • All confirmed appointments must be paid in full at least 48 hours in advance.  Clients can pay by check, money order to: Love and Light, 1145 Zonolite Road, Suite 7, Atlanta, GA 30306
  • Or, you may pay via credit card on our website by going here:
  • Love and Light’s business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00 PM EST. Please expect all correspondence to occur during these business hours.
  • Please consider Jamie is often booked well in advance.