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  • Hope …

    “Who lives by hope dies fasting” Italian proverb, quoted by James Howell (1593-1666) Paroimiographia. 1659. For various reasons I have successfully avoided most birthday parties in my honor. I also have never gone to one of my school graduations. Perhapsaaa

  • Korsakov’s Paradox

    CONGRUO EST OCCULTUS COMPAGES SUBTER SUPTER ANIMADVERTO“Coincidence is the Hidden Architecture of Reality” The translation of “YAHWEH” has concerned scholars and theologians for many years, the fundamental problem being the absence of vowels in early Hebrew writing. Thus, they wereaaa

  • If it’s Showing Up In Your Life …

    … it’s there to teach you something. Otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. Nothing ever shows up around us that doesn’t somehow reflect what’s going on inside of us. Believe it or not, all events that occur in our lives are ouraaa