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  • Infinitely Yours

    “We are confronted by the greatest paradox of human life. It is our conditioning which develops our consciousness, but in order to make full use of this developed consciousness, we must start by getting rid of the conditioning which developed it.” Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) “Knowledge and Understanding”. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Other

  • Acceleration 101

    By Darshana Patel Does it feel to you that time moves faster now than it did before? The days, weeks, months, and years seem to zip past us. Perhaps this acceleration is on the quantum level, the spiritual level. We attribute it to time because we have no other point of reference. What if we’reaaa

  • Deeply Rooted …

    I was at Vina for three days when Bernard gave me a tour of the grounds around the Monastery.  As we drove around he pointed out the trees, some being very old.  He then pointed to a small group of trees, large ones or so it seemed to me.  Then he told me that they were 400 yearaaa