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A virtual community with no borders, presenting a broad range of experience and perspectives, limitless creativity, and connection in the service of the whole, built on a foundation of love & compassion.

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The Center for Love & Light global online community features educational sessions that focus on the human experience, addressing the needs of the mind, physical body, emotional body, and soul. With daily classes and workshops, you're sure to find invaluable information, inspiration, and meaningful connection.

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We are a diverse group of teachers and practitioners that are passionate about inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of others. We empower our members to live healthy and fulfilling lives so that they in turn can share their light with others.

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Partnerships and links to websites representing The Center's core values and our treasured community.

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A community needs a gathering place; and for like-minded souls across the globe, unrestricted by national borders or geography, an online platform is an ideal way to connect with other points of light... A hub of connection, creativity, and joy that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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