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The Center for Love & Light online community features educational sessions, workshops and events that focus on the human experience, addressing the needs of the mind, physical body, emotional body, and soul.

Each week is packed full with inspiring live sessions led by supportive and knowledgeable practitioners that empower you to grow, have fun, and keep your vibration high!

Enjoy and learn among friends in an ever-expanding community of kindred spirits from all over the globe.

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Become a member and enjoy 12 free LIVE stream classes a month, where you can engage with experienced teachers, healers, and energy enthusiasts. Individual classes, outside of the membership, are priced at a minimum of $10 each.

In addition to 12 free LIVE stream classes a month, members enjoy significant discounts on all classes within the membership. New LIVE classes, events and workshops are continuously added to the membership which are designed to inspire, educate, and support your growth and joy.

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the mind

The first week of every month consists of educational sessions that stimulate and inspire the mind.

Whether it’s learning astrology, discovering how quantum healing works, learning about the benefits of meditation, practicing mindfulness, discovering the concepts of heart-centered leadership, or improving how to communicate with others through non-violent communication (NVC), these courses invite new perspectives, self-discovery, and growth.

the physical body

Week 2 of every month presents sessions that focus on the health and wellness of the physical body.

Whether it’s learning about the energy centers in the body, intuitive eating, Reiki, growing medicinal herbs, the use of crystals, how acupuncture works, or enjoying a healing sound bath, Week 2 promotes vitality, the importance of self-care, and holistic wellness.

the emotional body

Our emotions are the bridge between our mind and our physical body. Week 3 highlights sessions that encourage the expression of a healthy emotional experience.

Raise your vibration by learning how to establish a gratitude practice, explore empathy and ways to express compassion, restore emotional balance through creative projects, express feelings through the art of journaling, and discover the power of forgiveness and more.

the soul

The last week of the month explores the soul.

Expand your awareness by participating in channeling events, enhance your intuition, develop a relationship with your guides, understand angel communications or learn about the akashic records. Let your spirit soar with the limitless opportunity to learn and discover with a compassionate and conscious community.