about the membership

We empower our members to live healthy and fulfilling lives so that they can share their light with others. Taking a holisitic approach to the wellness of our members, content each week focuses on one of the following areas: the mind, the physical body, the emotional body, and the soul. Live classes, and events empower you to learn from knowledgeable, inspiring, and energy-centric educators.

Whether it’s learning about quantum healing, raising your vibration with a conscious expanding meditation, discovering the medicinal use of herbs, enjoying a sound bath, establishing a gratitude practice, or developing your relationship with spirit, we’ve got you covered!

Join this fun and exciting community where all who seek self discovery and joy are welcome!


Members enjoy 12 free LIVE stream classes a month, where they can engage with experienced and inspired teachers, healers, and energy enthusiasts. Individual classes, outside of the membership, are priced at a minimum of $10 each.

For the monthly $24.99 membership fee, you will enjoy 12 free live stream classes a month and up to 50% off select classes and events! Non-members will pay full price for all classes, workshops, and events.

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