Community Offerings

get to know our community spaces and our community programs
free to enjoy & no appointment needed*

*only self-led rooms need to be booked & have a fee to use.


The Garden- The Garden is the front entrance to The Center. Each person will move through the quiet garden to reset their energy before entering into the Metaphysical Library/ Welcome area. The Garden is designed to feel mystical and magical, with art sculptures and hanging lights. The best features are the carved-out meditation areas. The Garden also leads to the Roof Top deck where there are additional outdoor gathering spaces.
All of our spaces are wheelchair accessible.


Roof Top Deck- The Roof Top Deck is found off of the Garden and is great to get into some quiet nature time or join an outdoor class such as yoga, meditation, or art. Our Rooftop is wheelchair accessible and will have shade as well as heating elements depending on the weather needs. 


Coffee, Juice, & Snack Bar- Right as you come in through the doors you can purchase a coffee, juice, and snacks. If you are staying for a longer stint of time because you are choosing to write your book in our space instead of Starbucks, or whether you are receiving treatments/sessions, visiting the Metaphysical Library, shopping at the community stores, or coming to experience one of the many Self-Led Psi Stations that teach you about your intuitive abilities, you will have wholesome, organic sustenance and maybe some ice cream. 


Metaphysical Library- The Center’s Metaphysical Library has an array of metaphysical books stored on old world shelves that can be lent out or read in one of the many unique private reading nooks designed for able and non-abled bodies. This library will share its floor space with the Juice and Snack Bar, Wall Stores, and Self-Led PSI stations.


Self-Led Psi Stations- The Center’s welcoming area will hold space for you to have a juice, coffee, tea, or snack and grab a seat to read one of our books from the library or you can try out one of our Self-Led Psi Stations. These stations have telepathic experiments such as the Zener cards, psychic drawing, and premonition work with dice as well as remote viewing exercises for one or two. We will also have the technology to help express and measure subtle light energy such as biofeedback machines, Kirlian aura cams, and Egely Wheel. These stations are first come first serve.

The whole time you are enjoying the welcoming space you will be bathing in frequencies given by the Scalar Machine or Pearl Machine which will send out healing frequencies to help you process your healing journey.


Wall Stores- Dispersed throughout the waiting area there are multiple wall stores. These micro consignment stores are our way to support Atlanta’s local metaphysical shops. They are designed to display wares with their logo, social media, and store location so The Center can spread the word of other’s good work. We believe in community over competition. If you are interested in having a micro store with us, send us an email.


Large Crystal and Sound Bowl Store- Come see Atlanta’s first large crystal shop. The stones are meant to make a statement in your garden, business, or home. Some are as large as three feet. As you enjoy the frequencies from the crystals you can learn, try, or purchase crystal bowls to boost your healing. This is the very first of its kind in Atlanta.


Supporting the Atlanta Arts Community – The Center for Love & Light supports local artists by displaying their work in The Center, as well as having it available for purchase. The artwork will be featured in The Center’s newsletter, on the website, and on The Center’s social media accounts. Twice a year, The Center for Love & Light will celebrate the creative spirit by hosting an open house and art show featuring the artists’ work.
Stay tuned for gallery dates. If you want to be a featured artist please send us your social media links and a little note sharing why you feel we are a good fit via email. 


Self-Led Rooms- The Center will offer services and experiences that do not require a practitioner or facilitator to be present. These will need an appointment to reserve. There will be three individual rooms (each 100 sq ft) dedicated to self-led or prerecorded journeys. Room one will host a psychomantuem, a sensory deprivation room that includes scrying to experience spirit. Room two will host meditations with the use of pod chairs or zero gravity chairs and a backlit salt wall to help ionize energy. The third room will host a Faraday box where people can sit in an electromagnetic-free environment helping ailment inflammation and headaches.


Community Programs- Each month and season The Center hosts free, low-income, and paid-for programming to support all social economic classes. These include but are not limited to:

-Crafting your Cleaners: At the beginning of each month, we are going to make our cleaners so bring your spray bottles. We will work with companies to help supply the vinegar and essential oils. The Center is looking to partner with Plant Therapy to receive essential oils and Publix for the vinegar.

-Monthly teenage hang nights 14-18, a safe and alcohol-free gathering with music. Stay tuned for dates and descriptions.

-After-school programs for yoga, meditation, compassionate communication, and more. Stay tuned for dates and descriptions. If you want to teach or have creative suggestions for the offerings please email us. 

-Summer camps: ages 8-12 yrs. geared toward metaphysical disciplines. Stay tuned for dates and descriptions. Most likely it will start in 2025.