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The Sensitive Woman

January 26 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm



The Sensitive Woman
Sunday, January 26, 2020
3:00 – 6:00 pm
A workshop for women who want to harness their sensitivity superpowers. Learn to understand your empathic gifts in a new light, manage your sensitive energy, and thrive as a natural giver.

You have been told all your life that you are too sensitive, cry too much, laugh too loud, and feel too much. You are a natural giver, and you want to serve.

You are a sensitive woman and maybe an empath.

All of us are empaths to some extent. We are energetic beings. We intuitively tune in to energy wherever we go.

We care. We sense. We feel.

We want to be able to reach our full empathic potential and help people without taking on their emotions and pain.

But the world around us makes it difficult for us to stand strong in our boundaries. We feel emotionally drained, physically exhausted, spiritually depleted. After a while, it’s hard to imagine any other way.

But there is a way to experience deep emotional stability, abundant joy, and infinite love while at the same time increasing our empathic abilities and making a real difference to the suffering of the world.

I hope that you choose to join me for this workshop so we can shine a new light on your sensitivity, and you can begin to live as the empowered beacon that you were born to be.

The Sensitive Woman is for you if you …
  • Can’t listen to someone’s troubles without wanting to fix or rescue them
  • Overthink and then overthink some more
  • Spend time alone, but you don’t recharge
  • Tend to isolate, especially when you’re at the end of your rope
  • Stay down for too long when you crash
  • Seek daily ways to protect yourself and brighten your light
  • Know that you are a highly sensitive person, an empath, or an emotional sponge
It is impossible to be of service when you finish each day depleted and drained with no way of re-sourcing yourself. Being able to shine and make a real difference happens once you learn how to manage your power. You need to learn to manage your gift before it destroys you and your life. It’s time to stop self-protecting and to step fully into your power.

As an empath, your potential is unlimited. You were born to shine your light and be a guide for others. Your sensitivity is your gift.

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January 26
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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The Center for Love and Light
1145 Zonolite Road NE, Suite 7
Atlanta, GA 30306 United States