Are You Against Yourself?

Life shows us how we’re against ourselves. It shows us how we’re not on our own side. Because life is a mirror that reflects our beliefs. And too often, we don’t believe in ourselves.

This is played out by those who seem against us. But they are triggering our own betrayal. And self-betrayal will continue until we finally accept ourselves.

We long to accept ourselves. We long for unconditional love. This is the goal of life. It’s what your experiences are leading you towards.

If you are judging yourself in any way, then you are acting against yourself. If you are denying, justifying, or asking for permission, then you are not on your own side.

Are you judging who you really are? Are you denying what you really want to do? Are you justifying the ways that you limit yourself? Or perhaps you are letting your ego run the show.

Are you looking to others for approval? They know if you’re worthy of what you want. In the mean time, you are hiding your light.

If so, it is time to listen to your soul. It is time to fully love yourself and your deepest desires for your life.

This can be challenging at first. We can be conditioned to sabotage ourselves. We can feel pressure to be and do like everyone else and continue to muddle along.

But when we stop fighting ourselves and come over to our own side, something clicks inside. Change stops seeming so scary. It is sweet liberation in disguise. Courage comes out of nowhere. We embrace ourselves and what we really want! The fulfillment we all deserve is welcomed, and the rift inside is healed.

This is when we feel whole for the first time.

Healing this rift is the best thing that any of us can do. It helps everyone on this earth. The truth is that we are all one, and when you embrace yourself with total acceptance, you help all of us to love ourselves. And you are able to love everyone because you finally love yourself.

And the most interesting thing is that the moment you fully back yourself up, everyone around you, whether they’re aware of it or not, starts reflecting your conviction. Because when you are on your own side, the whole world picks up on it. Remember, everyone is already mirroring your beliefs back to you. When you finally support yourself, they respond in a way that supports you.

So get one hundred percent behind your spectacular self so that you can be spectacular you! Be on your side completely, and carry out your deepest dreams! Because if you don’t believe in yourself, then no one else can too.

Say to yourself, “I am on my side,” and powerfully make it so. Love yourself with all of your being! This is what you are here to do.

-Suzanne at Share the Spiritual 

3 comments to Are You Against Yourself?

  1. Janey Ferraro
    May 5, 2015

    I am learning how to love myself. In the past I thought I did, but now I am not so sure. I get confused with some actions I consider taking and whether or not they are out of loving myself or loving others or maybe even both. For example – I am divorced and have many things I can’t do the way I want which I believe in (regarding our 3 children). However, my ex and I often don’t see eye to eye. He always seems to have the upper hand. Do I fight to change things my way or are there lessons to be learned and just deal with what comes?

  2. J. Lewis
    June 13, 2015

    You are so absolutely right. Thank you.

  3. Liz
    March 21, 2016

    I was born loving everyone.I knew from my early childhood that we are all one and that our actions have a ripple effect that affect us all.Unfortunately,reality in our society forced me to turn away from this way of life,after many years of ridicule and being misunderstood.It is sad that the most powerful and necessary force in our world can create such heartbreak for those possessing an abundance of love and the willingness to share it!

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